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    One of the most common reasons for wearing name badges is easy identification. Of course, that is from the employer's perspective. If you were to ask the staff why they want to wear a name badge and why they like it in the first place, you will find that it gives them a sense of unity and a sense of belonging. Every employee likes to know his or her place and when the name badge has a designation it gives them a sense of pride.


    Obviously, name badges have a dual purpose and a well-designed one ensures that the employer and the employee get their sense of identity established. When the name badge is designed by the artists and graphic designers at The Name Badge Company, the employee is going to be happy to pin the badge to their outfit and come into work beaming. You just have to take a look at the many samples we have created to be certain of this. Our designs take the company logo and work with it in such a way that the entire design complements the logo and keeps the image of the company at the forefront.

    Magnetic Name Badges

    There are name badges and then, there are magnetic name badges! The purpose may be the same; however, the way it gets affixed to the outfit for visibility may vary. What's more, The Name Badge Company creates badges that are magnetic on so many levels. Once they are fixed to your outfit, they draw the eyes of everyone around! You have a choice now. You can either have name badges made with a pin at the back so that it may be easy to fix it on to your outfit. Or, you could simply have magnetic name badges done by The Name Badge Company that will be easier to fix and will not put tiny holes on your jacket.


    The quality of the adhesive or the magnet is superior so as to enable you to wear it around all day with no fear of it dropping off. We take our work seriously and do it with passion. Therefore, it is only natural that we use the best of quality in our materials including the high resolution print and scratch-resistant coating. We exceed the client's expectations each and every time with our top-notch designs and exemplary service. Our name badges are a work of art and our magnetic name badges are more than magnetic whatever the situation and wherever the venue!

    Staff Name Badges


      Staples is an office supply institution and our sample name badge design reflects that greatness in its colours and layout. Our in-house designers take the utmost care in creating unique designs for each customer, designs that are perfectly matched to your wants and needs, while aptly representing your group or...


      Harvester Pub & Grill has a certain reputation in Britain, one which we’ve perfectly reproduced for this sumptuous sample Harvester name badge. Exuding earthy style, our design is just one of the infinite looks and feels our design team is capable of harvesting. And for the lowest UK prices, with...


      Note the full-on use of Fullham’s colours in our sample Fullham name badge. With their logo, it makes one snappy statement! And for the lowest cost in the UK, you can receive equally stylish team or company name badges, always made from the highest quality materials, and no hidden charges...

    • Body Essentials - green - rec

      Body Essentials required no capital letters or flashy colours to project the essence of what they do. A glimpse of this sample badge designed by The Name Badge Company is sufficient to get the message. Using a simple font against a white background has its own appeal. The shades...


      N Power’s logo has such a unique colour combination, our designers were delighted to carry that over into the graphic design of our sample N Power name badge, with its bright pink and green colours. Whatever your logo, whatever your colour scheme, whatever look you want your name badges to...


      Among the hundreds of Police force in every jurisdiction, you can see that the Bedfordshire police stand out with this sample badge. You could say this is a more colourful design with just the yellow and blue on the logo. The designers at The Name Badge Company have used the...