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  • Name Badges

    One of the most common reasons for wearing name badges is easy identification. Of course, that is from the employer's perspective. If you were to ask the staff why they want to wear a name badge and why they like it in the first place, you will find that it gives them a sense of unity and a sense of belonging. Every employee likes to know his or her place and when the name badge has a designation it gives them a sense of pride.


    Obviously, name badges have a dual purpose and a well-designed one ensures that the employer and the employee get their sense of identity established. When the name badge is designed by the artists and graphic designers at The Name Badge Company, the employee is going to be happy to pin the badge to their outfit and come into work beaming. You just have to take a look at the many samples we have created to be certain of this. Our designs take the company logo and work with it in such a way that the entire design complements the logo and keeps the image of the company at the forefront.

    Magnetic Name Badges

    There are name badges and then, there are magnetic name badges! The purpose may be the same; however, the way it gets affixed to the outfit for visibility may vary. What's more, The Name Badge Company creates badges that are magnetic on so many levels. Once they are fixed to your outfit, they draw the eyes of everyone around! You have a choice now. You can either have name badges made with a pin at the back so that it may be easy to fix it on to your outfit. Or, you could simply have magnetic name badges done by The Name Badge Company that will be easier to fix and will not put tiny holes on your jacket.


    The quality of the adhesive or the magnet is superior so as to enable you to wear it around all day with no fear of it dropping off. We take our work seriously and do it with passion. Therefore, it is only natural that we use the best of quality in our materials including the high resolution print and scratch-resistant coating. We exceed the client's expectations each and every time with our top-notch designs and exemplary service. Our name badges are a work of art and our magnetic name badges are more than magnetic whatever the situation and wherever the venue!

    Staff Name Badges

    • Bright Beginnings - black - rec

      Begin with the Name Badge Company when you want to be counted! The little ones need to know whom to go to for every little thing and this sample badge helps them in their quest. This is definitely a bright looking badge with its white and blue interface. The black...

    • Arbury - silver - oval

      To each his own! For new and used cars, you go to Arbury and for swanky and stylish name badges; you come to us, the Name Badge Company. Even with just a glimpse of this sample badge for Arbury, you can see that we have communicated the desire...


      The sleek, yet bountiful feel of our sample Lifehouse Spa name badges can’t help but make you feel like you’ve enjoyed a short retreat. With the cool grey blended with the lovely purple of the logo and graphic, it’s a perfect meeting of colours. Name badges make a statement to...


      A football club that is going strong ever since its inception in 1878 needs little or no introduction.  This sample badge is self-explanatory too. The Name Badge Company when called upon to design a suitable name badge stuck to the basic red and white combo that is seen...


      A sample badge of The Crown Medical Practice has its own distinct shape. You might prefer this shape as the top of the badge is higher than the sides. Of course, you may also want the more conventional rectangular shape and that would be your choice to make. We, at...

    • UPS - OVAL - GOLD

      This sample UPS name badge is totally reminiscent of one of their brown trucks, isn’t it? You want that sort of instant recognition from your company name badges; people see the badge and immediately call to mind your company and the positive feelings they have for it. Our designers are...