Badge of Pride: The Red Cross Badge

The Red Cross has been handing out pin buttons and badges to the successful graduates of their swimming and lifesaving classes for the better part of the last one hundred years. Every summer, children flock to their local swimming pools for swimming, diving, and lifesaving lessons.

It seems a small token at first glance. A small pin button sporting a red cross on a white background; what could all the fuss be about? Small it may be, but the Red Cross swimming badge has been a powerful incentive to hundreds of young swimmers every year. As each child masters the goals set by the swim teacher, their achievements are recorded and a Red Cross swimming badge is awarded to them.

The founding Boy Scouts and Girl Guides leaders also knew how much more enthusiastically children responded to learning new skills and exploring new ideas when success meant they could collect a token to mark the event. Today, swimming is so popular and commonplace that the ability to swim is nearly taken for granted.

The Red Cross swimming badge is not only a badge of personal accomplishment, but also displays skills to be shared with fellow swimmers. Those in pursuit of the shiny, round pin button have learned life-changing and life-saving skills that will shape their futures and the kind of adults they will ultimately become!