Choosing The Right Name Badges

When choosing name badges for your company, one of the things that you should consider is what material they should be made from. You can always make your own paper name tags, but if you want something more long-lasting and attractive, you may want to go with ones that are made of plastic and metal. You need to order these, of course, and provide the manufacturer with the design and the specifications so they turn out exactly the way you want them to look.

When you choose to go with metal name badges, expect that these will have your name engraved on them. Engraving is a service that many name badge manufacturers provide especially for brushed metal badges. Make sure that you know exactly what font you want to use for this type of badge, and if you want to use any designs on each badge. You also have to check that the design and typeface will be consistent for all the badges to be given out to the employees.

When ordering a name badge, you will be asked to fill out a form wherein you will specify all the details about your order, such as the size, the shape of the badge (Will it be rounded? rectangular?), and the material of the badge you want. You will also be asked to write down the text that will be engraved or printed, and you can also specify if you will be providing your own design. Whether you’re writing down the text or you are providing the artwork for the badge, be sure that you double-check everything for any possible errors. Having everything redone will be an additional cost to you.

If you’re thinking about having a unique name badge, however, paper ones can be a good alternative. Kits that can help make badgemaking a lot easier and faster are available. You would simply have to take a look at the available templates that will go well with your kit. For example, Microsoft Word has templates for Avery name badges available, so you can use them if you’re making your badges using Avery.

If you still want to use your own designs without resorting to paper badges, however, all you need to do is inquire with the company whether you can present your own design and if they can replicate it on to the name badges you are ordering.