Cruise Director Name Badge

How important is the name badge to a cruise director?

The cruise director and the name badge are like the policeman and the gun. One is needed by the other to perform the duty. The cruise director is the master planner of shipboard activities and entertainment on a cruise ship. He schedules and organizes all the events. He ensures that all guests and passengers are having a fun filled time and memorable experience. The cruise director coordinates all the events to make sure they run smoothly. In all events, the cruise director deals with plenty of passengers. Without the name badge, he has to introduce himself over and over again. The name badge takes away this tedious task.

The name badge makes the cruise director approachable and friendly. The cruise director must be a professional with superb public speaking and writing skills. Since it is part of the cruise director’s responsibility to be the source of information, he must be confident in speaking to a large number of people and careful in his choice of words. He must have the ability to remain calm during stressful situations. The name badge enhances the look of professionalism of the cruise director. The name badge creates a dignified and respectable appearance that provokes trust from the passengers. The name badge makes the cruise director credible and dependable.

The cruise director is also an administrator. He manages and overseas the cruise staff, informing them of the proper conduct and behaviour among fellow crew and passengers. He must know how to use the computer to organize and prepare reports needed by the corporate headquarter and also keeps log records of major events in the cruise. The cruise director must have full knowledge of ship’s safety procedure as issued by ISM (International Safety Management) and security measures.

The cruise director is an officer of the ship. The cruise line has confidence in his skills and talent. The name badge is a proof of that confidence and trust. The name badge is a symbol of the enormous accountability placed on the shoulder of the cruise director.

Of all the occupations, the cruise director encounters the most personality traits. The passengers vary, coming from different social class and status. He must know how to adapt to each person he meets. He must not take things personally or it could be the cause of his troubles.

The cruise director must be self-assured and assertive but charming as well. The name badge is adaptable to whatever type of person the cruise director will meet. Every person would like to know who they are dealing with. With the name badge, he will know that he is dealing with an individual of authority.

The name badge and the cruise director are aiding each other in the completion of their purpose. Undeniably, they are partners in making the cruise enjoyable.