Little Name Badges


Amidst an immense venue of corporate life, there is one great solution smaller than a mobile phone and the size of a business card. Such minute detail of a business serves a powerful solution. It’s but a little name badge.

Does the world know you? It doesn’t matter if your business is still on its early development phase. It’s not an issue if your office sits on a confined room or your employee size is just about 50 heads or less. What matters is your business is a solution in a complex world. Start your business right on the most cost-efficient tools for brand marketing.

These little badges are the best way to show a big you in the competitive marketplace. A name badge is a symbolism of your business. Name badges, having worn on all places, bridge the gap between you and the world. This symbolism is an invitation to experience the best of your solutions.

Television and radio advertisements are too expensive, as well as magazine exposures or billboards at the Metropolitan area. In fact, as advertisements line up the main highways of the city and video advertisements montage on the television, do you even get a chance to be noticed? Through a name badge, you’ll get a more close up encounter with your leads.

Name badges serve as a moving promotion of you, exhibiting your brand everywhere your staffs go. Like a fleet medium where company advertisements are wrapped on the body of cars making rounds within the city, badges give you a wider audience and open new coverage on farther areas outside your reach.

Little name badges, though much smaller and inexpensive than fleet advertisements, give you a larger scope of audience. Thus you need to incorporate on the badges the best details of your business. Ideal situations can pop up anytime, your staffs may encounter a lead badly in need of your service. In such circumstances, a phone number or an email address of your business is the best detail of you. In the same manner, a person seating across your staff on a café late afternoon may notice your staff’s badge.

Opportunity for a second, third, and fourth glance results to brand recall. Aim at that goal and make a head-turner out of your badge despite of its small size. You can play with the colors and images to make the badge more striking. If the badge draws the attention of every person encountering it, imagine how many staffs you have creating a buzz for your business via your little badge.

What status of your business may be, it doesn’t hinder you from providing the best solutions for the planet. Start your business on the most cost-efficient yet the best foundation, start with little name badges.