Name Badge Design


What’s in a name? Our parents have long thought of our names even before we were born. With this, we should always take pride in our given name. Each and every school year, my daughter would ask me to design a name badge for her. She would wear this in class in the first month of school while the school identification cards are being printed. Every school year, we have made different designs of her name badge. Each design is unique and made according to her preference during that particular age. It was never the same as the one that we have prepared the previous year.

As always, it reflects her desires and her personality at a given time. Similarly, everyone’s name badge should have the same character as the bearer. We should make sure that the name badge design that we would choose would be reflective of our character as a person.

Like business name badges, a name badge design creates our first impression for us even before we actually communicate. A name badge design should always be matching the occasion for which it will be used. Matching a name badge design with an event’s overall theme is likewise as important. A name badge design for use in a conference should display professionalism whereas those for use in children’s parties can be informal and full of colors.