Name Badges for tight budgets

With many large companies, providing their employees the standard name badge IDs is usual company policy, but for some, especially in small scale businesses, name badges looks to be an added burden, cost-wise. For those on a limited budget, paper-type badges can be made using the company’s own resources. With just a desktop PC loaded with the right desktop publishing software and image editing apps, badge design ideas can almost instantly turn into professional-looking name tags, through a stroke of creative genius. If the reliable company graphic artist should suddenly call in sick, and you need some designs quick, standard badge formats and templates with matching designs may be copied or even downloaded from the Web. After some easy mix-and-match exercises, you can then transfer the final proofs onto good, quality board paper with any standard color inkjet or laser printer. Then, if all goes well, a laminator comes in handy.

For small businesses, a laminator or laminating machine, is highly recommended due to its affordability and ease of use. Even if using plain board paper, the badge becomes durable for daily use after being laminated. As convenient and reliable as it looks, though, laminators have one drawback: you can’t add security features like holograms, into the badges through this method, but then, holograms aren’t such a need in small firms.

Apart from laminators, other printing options include the use of single-sided card printers and double-sided badge printers, which can print on both sides of the badge simultaneously. These methods can provide the capability to integrate added security features, such as a ghost photo, magnetic bars or stripes, and small unnoticeable text. These measures should protect the badge from forgery or tampering. Of course, all these added enhancements comes at a higher price, but then, security is one aspect worth investing for.

Creating one’s own name badges certainly isn’t costly as it seems if done using available common office equipment and supplies. Furthermore, there is surely no limit to one’s own creativity in making decent, professional-looking badges from a tight budget.