Name Badges In General

Name badge designs can be as individual as the people and companies who require them. Everyone is familiar with the ‘Hello, my name is _______’ paper i.d. badge that has a peel-away backing and sticks to a jacket lapel or shirt pocket. Paper name badges are so common to the public that they have become humorously associated with the loss of personal identity in large groups.

Plastic badges can be produced which represent the individual as well as the company. They are available in almost every colour and shape. Company badges can be created to look just like a company logo and are available in a vast selection of styles and methods of attachment.

Though inexpensive overall, the plastic ID badge is more expensive than the peel-and-stick variety. Once produced, most styles cannot be changed. When ordering plastic name badges engraved with the name of an individual person, it cannot be revised afterwards. However, an alternative to this is to order plastic name badges which are designed with a blank space on which to place an adhesive label bearing the name of the wearer. Should there be a need to change the name on the label due to error or because someone different is wearing the name tag, remove the old label and replace it with a new one.

Employees are the face of a business. Wearing company ID badges help the consumer to recognise who is there to help them. Consumers frequent businesses where they feel welcome and familiar. A plastic badge that displays their clerk’s name gives the customer a feeling of a one-on-one transaction rather than an assembly line money making scheme.

The success of a business depends on many things. Plastic company name badges could possibly be one of the best purchases from a monetary view point and an advertising one. While employees benefit from easy identification of each other and the feeling of belonging, the public’s memory and perception of your company is reinforced each time a customer or client sees someone wearing one of your company ID badges. Ask anyone who has accidentally washed an article of clothing after forgetting to remove an adhesive name label and they will tell you without reserve that a plastic name badge does not mind going through the wash cycle in the least.