Office Name Badges

An office is not simply a place of work. It is a place where interactions happen constantly. Employees deal with customers and with each other. They report to their superiors and entertain visitors. With lots of mingling happening, it is sometimes difficult to remember the name of the individual you are dealing with. Customers, likewise, want to be sure that they are talking to the right person. This being the case, companies should issue name badges to their employees to facilitate better customer relations.

Office name badges can remedy the problem of proper identification. Name badges display the name of the person wearing it. Use of the badges will be beneficial for everyone involved, since no one will have to ask for name clarification. Some people feel awkward introducing themselves. Name badges will assure the customers that they are speaking to the correct person.

Wearing office name badges shows discipline. It demonstrates obedience to company rules. To serve as an example to the employees, the superiors and bosses should also wear office name badges. The name badges will also be helpful to them since they also deal with clients and visitors. It will also confirm their identities.

The office name badges could also serve as a security measure. The employees would not be able to enter the office premises without the name badges. To some offices, the name badges are additionally used as a means of checking attendance. Name badges are swiped at a machine to verify their presence.

The company can choose name badges from a wide variety of styles. They can be made from metal or plastic. The information on the name badges can be digitally printed, screen printed or engraved. The company can even select name badges with a photo of the employee for added security. Whatever the style, the company should choose wisely because the name badges will reflect the company image. An attractive style can also encourage employees to keep wearing the badges on a regular basis.

The company should also consider what type of attachment is best for the office name badges. The usual traditional choices are pin, clip or magnet. Pins create holes on the clothes and because of that, are not advisable. Clips leave similar marks on the clothes, and are also not advised. Magnets are best because the clothes are not damaged by the badges. Another alternative is the lanyard name badge, which is worn around the neck.

Office name badges should be worn with pride. The badges represent everyone’s identity and the image of the company. Name badges serve many purposes including company security and evidence of attendance in addition to basic employee identification. However they are used, office name badges are valuable to the company.