Printed Staff Name Badges

From an employer’s point of view, a staff name badge is a simple, inexpensive way to promote the company, in addition to being a great way to identify another employee of the business. From an employee’s perspective, a staff name badge can be one of the most important accessories that he or she wears each day. After hearing the golden phrase, “You’re hired,” a new employee feels a sense of validation as soon as they clip their new company badge onto their suit or uniform.

On their first day, there is so much to do and learn and there are so many people to meet. It’s nearly impossible to remember most people’s names even in that first week. A badge, besides being a shortcut for memorizing co-worker’s names, is a source of pride to new and old workers alike. It creates a sense of loyalty to the individual and to the group he belongs to.

When a staff member sets himself apart from other workers with his hard work, a raise and/or a promotion to a more responsible position can be on the line. Recognise this achievement by giving him another staff name badge printed with his new rank, level of authority, and his new department.

Staff name badges can also work as a way to encourage other employees to strive for greater production and success for themselves which will benefit the company as a whole. When others see a worker with their new badge after being promoted, most of them will want to present themselves in a better light so that they too may earn a promotion. A new staff name badge becomes a visual validation of that person’s hard work and dedication not only to him, but to his fellow workers.