School Name Badge

When companies started using sophisticated photo ID cards, many school administrators began to consider the benefits of issuing high tech school name badges. Different from the stereotype school name badges, these high tech badges include functionalities in terms of security and simplifying school processes.

Multi-functional school name badges would eliminate most of the challenges that school administrators face on a daily basis. To make tracking of attendance easier, many schools have added this feature in their school name badges. A more high tech school name badge may include tracking student whereabouts. This added feature in a school name badge would make it easier to identify or locate individuals that would otherwise be very difficult in a huge campus. While other school name badges are designed to store access rights to limit use of school facilities, some are made to store personal information or student-related activities.

At the Name Badge Company, we make sure that you have the exact specification you desire for your school name badges. Regardless of whether it has little or many functionalities, your school name badges are sure to be made only with high quality materials that would endure long periods of time.

We will make sure that your school name badges are not only eye-catching so as to invite more enrolees for the coming school year but also expressive of the efficiency of the establishment. Not only that, to retain its aesthetic qualities we will make your school name badges scratch resistant by coating them with polyurethane material. Choose from 4 different shapes and 8 colour options for your name badges.

If this is your first time to create a school name badge, or if you simply want to revamp the look of your name badges, our in-house badge designer will be happy to assist. We offer free artwork design (which normally costs £30) for school name badges available in as short as 24 hours.

To make the artwork on your school name badge standout, we use high quality printing made possible by RGB and availability of pantone colours that will match any colour scheme.

Name Badge Company will not require you a minimum order for your school name badges. Although bigger discounts are given on huge orders, we offer the same high quality and freebies even for just a single school name badge.

We do not like to keep our customers waiting for their school name badges, thus we have set our dispatch times from 2 to 5 days depending on volume. Contact us now and together, we will come up with an eye-catching, durable and high quality school name badge.