Strong Name Badges


On a business where customers need attention from time to time, it’s fairly convincing staffs need to wear a name badge on. Customers cannot remember all the names of people serving them. It works the other way around; customers want the staffs to remember they are badly in need of their service. People are either busy focusing on things matters most to them. With various stuff already brimming up their minds, getting a lousy service is the last thing they want to experience from you. In this scenario, how can you say your staffs name badge is really helping? Well, yes it’s already a great help but have you already maximized this tool in improving your relationships with your customers?

A strong name badge, capable of catching a second look from your customers, is a goal you should keep in mind when choosing one for your staffs. Breaking down the adjective “strong” creates a lot of pieces of do’s and don’ts. Strong Name Badges are always Clear Everything that’s on the badges should be readable and understandable. As much as possible, choose Bold Sanserif style and stay away from Script font types. But if you badly need to use one, use basic script styles like Monotype Corsiva. This font is readable even from afar. Never use font types like Freestyle Script or Jokerman.

Badges will be useless if customers aren’t able to call your staffs by name because they cannot read it at all. If you’re putting on a slogan, choose simple and direct words which anybody could comprehend. Jargon words are a big no. Strong Name Badges are Suitable for your business. Everything about it should be relevant to your business, be it the colour, the shape, the image and the slogan incorporated on it.

If your business theme color is blue, don’t use yellow or red for the color of the badge. You can add on some colors but make sure that your theme color stands out. This makes uniformity on all your branding materials, a great help in increasing brand recall. Strong Name Badges have few and the best information of you.

The badge is a small thing attached or hung on your staffs’ uniform. You can only put as much and cannot squeeze a lot of things in it. Put the best information you want people to remember about you. More information can only confuse them ending up to not remembering you at all. If your business is in its early stages, use staffs’ badges to introduce you to your customers. Incorporate a slogan which increases customers’ security in your business. Create a welcoming ambience through these badges. Use badges as well to introduce you to your leads.

Remember, your staffs will be wearing it most of the time, even on the streets when on the way to your office or during a lunch out. Take this opportunity to reach people at the farthest distance. Strong name badges are head turners on all places and circumstances, so make sure it has the best description of your business. Regardless of what symbolism you use, an image, slogan or even quotation, these should focus on your business’ strength. But don’t put too many symbolisms in it, choose the best thing about your service and put stress on it by choosing one image or phrase only.

Strong name badges can do so much for your business. Make the most out of it by creating the best impression and connection towards your customers.